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The Choir

5 things about how we make your films

  1. Real moments are key to us so we don’t script you
  2. We use cinema quality film making equipment that is also compact and unobtrusive
  3. Your guests will hardly notice us, we know how to vanish or blend in as needed
  4. Our operators are all actual film makers with a special gift for storytelling
  5. we will be best friends with you by the end of the night (non optional)

our story

Volcano Sunday was carved from the rafters of the la lune cinema studio, kinda LIKE a LITTLE TIKI STATUE.
we missed the days of running around with a camera on a strap and making wild, crazy art for our couples
we also knew that simplicity is very powerful with the right creative ideas and experience, so we decided to create
a film co for young love birds wanting a professionally produced and creatively sound film, at a more fun price point.


why volcano sunday?

we wanted to capture wild energy and simple beauty all in the one name because that’s what we
want to capture in our films. joel also just happened to be really excited about volcanoes at the time…

Our friends

We totally recommend these people

This is our curated list of varied wedding vendors who we think are both awesome, and would mix very well with the volcano vibes.